In Healthy People 2020, one of the goals is to fully immunize all adults. Vaccine buses coming to a town near you… 

That begs the question. Do vaccines equal good health? Forrest Meready has an interesting video asking the question of what a national goal should be. Is it a sign of progress to have more vaccines? Or less? Would it be a sign of better health for the vaccines to trend to zero as we eradicate disease and grow stronger? Or are we in need of more and more scientific help for our inability to fight disease, and technology producing more and more vaccines is a sign of progress towards health? 

Speaking of which, there’s a vaccine being made for the common cold.

I feel like the goals of health in this country are tunnel visioned into the eradication of all germs and disease. Will we succeed in scrubbing the world clean, do you think? Is that the best possible goal? What about the beneficial bacteria and viruses we’re covered in that actually make us healthier? Are we planning to kill those too? More and more, I question why eradication of disease must be the only goal. Why can’t we have a goal of strengthening our immune systems? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be so healthy we’re “bullet proof” to disease and even protected from the adverse effects of antibiotics? (It’s possible. Watch the last part of this video to see the interview with Dr Zach Bush and how the Hadza tribe in Tanzania is “bullet proof”. Could the focus on eradicating disease via vaccination be such a huge goal because it makes so much money? 

Does vaccinated and mostly free of vaccine preventable diseases equal good health? Or have we traded childhood infections for chronic illness? We are the most vaccinated country in the world and our children are the sickest.

We have the highest first-day infant mortality out of the industrialized world (it’s interesting to note that no other country does the hep b vaccine on day one unless the mom is hep b positive.

Here’s how we compare to Europe.

Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner, and Sicker In-Between

I had no idea, but apparently, we don’t do well with mothers in childbirth either: “With an estimated 26.4 deaths for every 100,000 live births in 2015, America has the highest maternal mortality rate of all industrialized countries—by several times over. In Canada, the rate is 7.3; in Western Europe, the average is 7.2, with many countries including Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Austria showing rates around 4. More women die of childbirth-related causes in the US than they do in Iran (20.8), Lebanon (15.3), Turkey (15.8), Puerto Rico (15.1), China (17.7), and many more.” Source found here.

SIDS used to be blamed on preterm birth, but this study was done on full term infants only, and the conclusion states, “More than 7,000 full-term infants die in the US each year. Zero states reached the rates reported in the 6 low-mortality European countries analyzed.” Of 10,175,481 babies, 43% died of SUDI (sudden unexplained death in infancy). The more stories I hear of babies dying within 24 hours or shortly after receiving vaccines and the death being ruled “natural” and SIDS being the ultimate diagnosis, the more I question if vaccines are responsible for some of these deaths. Here’s one such story. and here’s the link to that study.

Here are a bunch of headlines (you can easily google any of these and find the article or study if you want more information). More than 10% of US children have been diagnosed with ADHD, Pediatric cancers are on the rise, Type 1 diabetes is on the rise in children (from 24 in 100,000 in 2002 to 27 in 100,000 in 2009), More Americans have epilepsy than ever before, U.S. life expectancy declines again: “a dismal trend not seen since world war 1”, More money than ever before is being spent on healthcare but Americans are still getting sicker and dying younger, The growing crisis of chronic disease will effect nearly half of us (49%) if this trend continues to 2025, Asthma and allergies on the rise in the U.S., Among 20 wealthy nations, US child mortality ranks worst. 1 out of 4 children will leave public school on a drug they’ll be on for the rest of their lives. 54% of children have a chronic medical condition. Fertility rates are dropping so alarmingly that there is some speculation that we might be on the road to losing our ability to procreate. Autism was at 1 in 100,000 in the late 70s and is now 1 in 32, but is still not considered an epidemic even though mass panic happens every time 30 people or so get the measles. And that trend is so alarmingly exponential that if it continues unfettered, it will be 1 in 2 by 2032. Let me repeat; 1 in 2 children will have autism by 2032. The repercussions of this are almost too horrifying to contemplate.

We are sick. Under the watch of the CDC, the FDA and the AHA. We are on a downward trend as far as overall health goes. When measuring cause of death, heart disease is number one, cancer is number two, and number 3 goes to iatrogenic death. The definition of which is “any adverse condition in a patient resulting from treatment by a physician, nurse, or allied health professional.”

If iatrogenesis is the third leading cause of death, why do we still trust Doctors so implicitly? They are just human beings…doing the best they can to help us, but sometimes, they honestly don’t know what is best for you…sometimes, a lay person has more time to read the new research coming out than the busy doctor does. Do you know how long it takes the research to make it into common practice? Answer: 17 years. You don’t think there’s some valuable research out there, done in the past 17 years you might be able to discover that your doctor hasn’t heard about yet?

I know you’re thinking “correlation does not equal causation”, but you know what? Prove it. I know that vaccines are supposedly holy water and the one scientific invention that comes with zero drawbacks. Even antibiotics, that saved us from the time when dying from minor cuts from a thorn was a thing, have drawbacks. One of them being a destruction of your microbiome (something that’s only recently been discovered), and a hit to your immune system and gut health that takes at least a year to recover from. And, apparently, we’re at the end of the “antibiotic age” with bacteria ever growing stronger and antibiotics unable to combat the new bugs. Have you asked yourself what we’re going to do without antibiotics when that day comes?

I had this super polite ending to this post but I’m feeling a bit angry right now, so I’m just going to be blunt. I’m skeptical of the blind belief that vaccines are the one invention we brave, intelligent humans have come up with that is truly an improvement on nature with zero drawbacks.

If the lack of studies proving one way or the other with all these chronic issues is enough evidence for doctors across America to ASSUME vaccine safety, and to assume that vaccines might correlate right along the line of chronic illness (they do, by the way. The numbers match up so perfectly it’s crazy), but that this correlation means absolutely nothing; if it’s their right to do what Stanley Plotkin does and say, “When the science isn’t there yet, I assume safety.” Well. To that I say, I have just as much right to make an assumption as anyone else. And to even things out a bit and add a bit of balance, I’m going to assume the opposite.

I assume vaccines DO play a role, and I firmly believe it’s up to those who would force them on our children to do the studies to prove otherwise. Until then, good luck with your vaccines, and no thanks for now.

And while we’re on this subject, the line that correlation does not equal causation is getting a little tired. How much correlation can you ignore before you have to admit something is wrong with our children and one of the culprits must be vaccines? A lot, apparently. This kind of blind faith is what’s getting to me. I know it’s hard to have your foundations shaken up and admit that vaccines might not be all they’re cracked up to be, but the information is right there for those who look for it, even though it’s being censored as quickly as they can make it happen. Ignorance is fast becoming an excuse that doesn’t hold water. The scientific evidence is piling up by the week and turning a blind eye is, quite frankly, a mistake. Don’t you want to be able to look your children in the eye someday and tell them you thoroughly looked at both sides? That you’ve put the time in to make sure what you decided was what is best for them? If you refuse to take up this responsibility, you’ll be missing out on this confidence, you’ll miss out on the empowerment that comes with a calm assurance of having been thorough about their health. I’m not saying you’ll come to the same conclusions I have reached, but at least look into it a little. Know why. Ask the important questions and find the answers. Be brave. Be the courageous woman God is calling you to be, and don’t regret choosing the status quo just because it’s what everyone else is doing. Don’t ignore the responsibility you have to your children. I really think you’ll regret that choice.


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