If you go to the CDC website [1] and the section on adjuvants in vaccines, the one study they cite on “the research on aluminum exposure and vaccines” is this one: The rest of their proof is summed up by the statement that aluminum has been used safely in vaccines for decades, starting in the 1920’s. An assumption that the rise in chronic disease all around the world in heavily vaccinated populations has nothing to do with this adjuvant.

You can find the full study by Mitkus here [2]. It’s a study that uses a theoretical model using math and excretion measurements to calculate how much aluminum would remain in an infant from food and vaccines. There’s a lot of talk about the MRL (minimal risk level) of aluminum and this level is obtained through feeding aluminum to animals and monitoring for health effects. So if we can feed one form of aluminum into mice, the conclusion must be it’s safe to inject a different form into humans. Voila! No more studies needed.

There are three flaws with this study.

  1. The MRL is derived from a feeding experiment with water-soluble aluminum lactate, not insoluble and persistent adjuvant particles. Shouldn’t what is measured be the scientific conclusion? Since when do we measure one thing, and broadly apply it to all other forms and make an assumption and call that good enough? This study may have proved that water-soluble aluminum lactate is safe when ingested in these amounts, but how does that apply to injected aluminum that’s in a completely different form? This study was done in 2011, and it’s the only proof the CDC and FDA site for the claim that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines are SAFE.
  2. The MRL is based on outdated and wrong science. The MRL is derived from a “No Observed Adverse Effects Level” (NOAEL) measured in an animal feeding study (animals were fed Al lactate). The NOAEL is the highest known ingested dosage that causes no adverse effects in experimental animals. The 1mg/kg/day MRL is based on a single study (Golub 2001) that reported no adverse effects from mice ingesting 26mg/kg/day aluminum in the form of Al lactate.” -quote from [3] (please read entire article for more details. If you want to read about why 26mg/kg/day is NOT a safe dosage, there is a list studies finding adverse effects from ingested and water-soluble aluminum dosages of 3.4, 4, 5.6, 6, 10 and 20 mg/kg/day. Read those studies here: [4]
  3. Mitkus assumes that aluminum adjuvant has zero toxicity while in particulate form. The “body burden” of Mitkus does not include the Al adjuvant particles. 

I won’t go into more detail on the problems with this study. It’s well documented in the links I have provided along with multiple studies that have debunked the assumptions made, over and over. It is good enough for the FDA and CDC, and maybe even for you, but even if you think it an amazing study, it’s only one study.

To cling to the belief based on this one study, you must ignore the mountain of studies done since, that present so many problems with this metal when it is injected into animals and humans.

Historically, the tale of metals used in medicine is long, sordid, and replete with untold injury, death, and denial. Aluminum was first used in the tetanus vaccine. The way scientists first created this vaccine, was to inject an animal (usually horses) with a small quantity of the tetanus toxoid. After a few weeks, they would bleed the horse, filter out the red blood cells and take the remaining liquid–optimistically referred to as “serum”–and inject it into children in hopes of protecting them from tetanus (the diphtheria vaccine was made in this same way in the beginning). Scientists realized that if they mixed a substance called potash alum into the tetanus toxoid, the horse might produce more than 1,000 times as much antitoxin. They didn’t understand why, but there was something about this potash alum that created a very strong immune response and enabled them to multiply their output by an almost unbelievable amount.

There’s a study from the 1800’s in which we find the first description of seasonal allergies: “About the beginning or middle of June in every year the following symptoms make their appearance, with a greater or less degree of violence… A sensation of heat and fullness experienced in the eyes…a general fullness is experienced in the head, and particularly about ‘the forepart; to this succeeds irritation of the nose, producing sneezing’… To the sneezings are added a farther sesation of tightness of the chest, and a difficulty of breathing…” [5]

Most of us easily recognize the symptoms of seasonal allergies in that description, but it was a new phenomena to the doctors of the time. Even ten years later, this same doctor says, “One of the most remarkable circumstances respecting this complaint is its not having been noticed as a specific affection, until within the last ten or twelve years. Except a single observation of Heberden’s, I have not met with anything that can be supposed to refer to it in any author, ancient or modern.” [6]

It was not an ailment of the poor. This effected almost exclusively, the middle and upper ranks of society. (page 440 of previous citation)

Coincidentally, these first documented cases of allergies started popping up only 20 years after smallpox inoculation started gaining popularity, mainly among the middle and upper class, as they were the only ones who were able to afford it. Inoculation is described as the scraping of scabs or pus from a farm animal (usually cow) sick with cowpox into multiple cuts in one’s arm. Another technique was to sew a needle and pus soaked thread through the skin of one’s arm.

The problem with these methods of early vaccination was the contamination, as I’m sure you can imagine. The introduction of pathogens, millions of things which our immune systems would never encounter naturally; one can easily see why our immune systems started to suddenly have a hyperactive response to normally encountered pollen, and later on, the explosion of food allergies in the 1930s after aluminum was added to this process. Purification methods have gotten better and better with time, which might be why allergies are decreasing lately. Another problem with this method is that it bypasses the body’s natural defenses. When we are confronted with pathogens, viruses, and bacteria naturally, it is through our respiratory system, or digestive system. When we inject or use a needle and thread to sew germs into our skin, we bypass these protective systems that God put into place, and it enters the bloodstream without ever crossing any kind of barrier that could easily remove toxins and do a much better job at protecting us.

More experiments were done over the years with different forms of aluminum and it always appeared to elevate the immune response–a phenomenon that scientists are only now beginning to understand. [7] Most seem satisfied with the ramped-up immune response, the fact that it seems to work so well, and are not curious as to how or why it works. It has a powerful effect on the immune system, causing widespread inflammation and a sometimes a violent immune response that increases antibody counts and leads to the “efficacy” of the vaccines containing aluminum (see which ones contain this metal here: [8]).

In 1921, the controversy surrounding the toxicity of aluminum was beginning to grow and a German scientist named Dollken ran some of the most thorough tests ever done to determine the true toxicity of aluminum.

Like the other members of the heavy metal series aluminum therefore acts on the bowel and kidney in general poisoning, while many of the symptoms point to a direct action on the brain…and showed that the nerve cells and fibres of the cord and medulla undergo degeneration, particularly those of the lower cranial nerves.” (translated from [9])

These findings might explain why an adult man could have demyelination of the spinal cord after a TDaP. [10]

I’ve been putting this post off for so long because the overwhelming amount of science makes it difficult to know what to include and what to leave out. Once I started working on this, it’s been haunting me so I keep adding things as I find them, but at some point, I must stop. So please do not think this is a conclusive list of studies on this subject. I’m going to do as short sentences as I can manage, giving you the studies to read for yourselves, but simply stating the findings as concisely as I can.

Injected aluminum causes asthma in mice. [11] Also in humans. [12]

Rubbing aluminum hydroxide cream on brains causes epilepsy in monkeys. [13]

Weight loss, neurological problems, extreme fatigue, behavioral changes (including separation from the herd and repetitive self harming behaviors), paralysis and death in sheep after injection of aluminum adjuvanted vaccines. Upon autopsy, the cause for paralysis was clear–lesions on their spinal cords–lesions that contained aluminum. [14]

Macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF), meaning inflammation of the muscle due to white blood cells after hepatitis B (containing aluminum) vaccine. [15]

Aluminum containing granulomas at injection site in human with MMF (10 YEARS after injection) [16] and in sheep. [17]

Nanoparticulate injected aluminum is not immediately excreted, but travels through the body within white blood cells. [18] It’s important to realize that this discovery is huge. If aluminum travels throughout the body inside white blood cells, inflammation anywhere in the body might summon white blood cells to the site of injury or disease, including right across the blood brain barrier.

If aluminum creates inflammation and inflammation calls white blood cells (containing aluminum) to the site, could this not create a vicious cycle known as chronic inflammation? Is it possible that the rise in diseases that have a hallmark of chronic inflammation could be linked to injected aluminum?

Aluminum enhances the organism’s ability to induce a prominent granulomatous immune response, this giving rise to the pathologic features of CD (Crohn’s Disease). [19]

Melatonin disruption and accumulation of aluminum in pineal gland of brain. [20]

Aluminum enhances the body’s response to allergens. [21]

You can make mice allergic to dust mites by injecting them with aluminum hydroxide. [22]

Alzheimer’s (now the 6th leading cause of death in the US [23]) was first discovered and named after the doctor who first described it, Dr Alois Alzheimer, in 1901. Before that, there is very little evidence that this was ever diagnosed, even in the elderly. Rates are soaring, across the US. [24] People like to claim it’s because we are living longer now, but articles and studies are showing we’re actually dying younger lately, [25] and that wouldn’t explain why people are getting Alzheimer’s in their 50’s, their 40’s, their 30’s and even in their 20’s!

Knowing that chronic inflammation is part of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, [26] and that the highest levels of aluminum ever measured (up to that point) in brain tissue was found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, [27] I think it’s fair to predict that we will continue to see an increase in this disease in younger and younger people as the generations who have been exposed to higher and higher doses of aluminum through vaccines grow into adulthood.

It is possible to recreate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in animal models simply by increasing aluminum in their diets. [28]

Aluminum can damage the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for converting short-term memories into long-term ones). [29] This happens to be a common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

“Aluminum Should Now Be Considered a Primary Etiological Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease,” is the title of an editorial published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports, authored by the world’s leading expert on aluminum toxicity, Dr Christopher Exley. He attempted to sound the alarm and raise awareness to the dangers in our overexposure to this metal, but has been largely ignored.

In the early 90s, the MMR vaccine was mentioned in passing in a case study on the possible connection between GI symptoms and autism. That doctor who authored the study with 11 other scientists was crucified in almost every sense of the word. We have now moved to studies that are much much more direct and incriminating to vaccines (or the ingredients in vaccines) and the response has gone from all-out attack, to completely ignoring the science. I don’t know if this is progress or not. Probably not. But at least the work is being done, the evidence is piling up, and it’s there for those of us who will read it.

In an interview with Dr Exley, he was asked if he had concluded that aluminum causes alzheimer’s. His response was, “I came to the conclusion, no aluminium, no Alzheimer’s.” (Watch that interview here.)

Aluminium-specific fluorescence successfully identified aluminium in brain tissue in both intracellular and extracellular locations. The association of aluminium with corpora amylacea suggests a role for aluminium in neurodegeneration in MS.[30] Incidentally, the adult hepatitis B series of vaccines has been heavily implicated in MS. [31]

The highest ever recorded levels of aluminum in brain tissue were in donors with a diagnosis of autism. The youngest donor (15 years old) had the highest levels. [32]

I’m going to finish with a little tidbit about autism because of the recent win and what it has revealed about the link between vaccines and autism. When forced to produce the evidence that vaccines have been exonerated from being a cause of autism, the government produced 20 studies total. Most of them look at MMR and thimerosal (no longer in most vaccines other than the TDaP and multidose flu shots). There is one antigen study which is irrelevant to the question of whether we’ve studied all vaccines for their possible relationship with autism as antigens are just one component of a vaccine and in the study, both groups received vaccines. Not to mention, most of us aren’t worried about antigens. It’s the other ingredients we have a problem with. 2 studies that were not a part of this list were this study showing a 3-fold increased risk for autism from the hepatitis b vaccine given on day one of life, and this study discovering an increased risk (1.2) of autism diagnosis if the mother received a flu shot in her first trimester of pregnancy. The one study that mentions the DTaP vaccine states, “insufficient evidence to support or deny an association between diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis containing vaccines and ASD.”

So to sum up, the DTaP has never been studied for its relationship with autism, the studies we have on hepatitis B and the flu shot are more incriminating than exonerating, and that leaves us with questions (and no scientific answers) on rotavirus, polio, HIB, and pneumococcal vaccines, all of which are given before 6 months of life and could very easily play a role in autism, especially those that contain aluminum (spoiler alert, all of them do except for rotavirus).

In conclusion, the dangers of injected aluminum are extremely well documented with seemingly more studies coming out by the week. So far, these studies are mostly ignored, and the world continues on, vaccinating over and over for they know not what. The main point of this post is that one can no longer make the statement that aluminum in vaccines has been proven safe. The one study relied upon to make this statement does not apply to vaccines as most vaccines are not ingested. And even if it did, there is so much science showing the exact opposite now available that it calls into question anyone who makes this statement as either ignorant of the science or willfully dishonest.

The science is there. Read it and decide accordingly.

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