This might be a little disjointed and I don’t know how well it will flow, but I’ve been having so many epiphanies lately and it’s causing so much peace and freedom, I just have to share some of it.

So I had a long conversation with a Dr friend of mine the other day, and we really dove into the whole pandemic subject and I asked so many questions and feel that I really got a glimpse into why people are still scared.

For the past month or so, I’ve been starting to feel a little judgmental of people who are still buying into the narrative of this “deadly virus” that only kills 0.26% (and that’s with the fake numbers), and the inability of people to see through what a scam it all is, so I’ve been wanting to talk to someone about it and just pick their brain. I saw my opportunity when my Dr friend walked in wearing a mask that looked like this: 


We talked for a good 30 mins and it was awesome. I learned so much. Not facts, necessarily, but just how the mind works when a person has completely accepted the fear. As the conversation progressed I saw so clearly how bad news was welcomed and applied to the whole worldview, as if one outlier is the rule instead of the exception, despite the glaring reality of it not being so, and how any hope was instantly rejected no matter how reliable the source. It was baffling to me, but also eye opening. 

Anyway, I think fear is the new virtue. I think fear makes your brain shut down and very obvious questions get overlooked and unless you have a knowledge base or a spiritual recognition of when this is happening inside you, you will eventually give into it, and holding the demon of fear close to yourself, cradling it in your arms and defending it with arguments makes that thing grow, man. It grows and grows until nothing you do is logical and all common sense is sacrificed for illusions and lies.

The trick seems to be being able to recognize inconsistencies and agendas early on. Because once you’ve bought into and then defended the lie, it opens you up to so many more lies and I don’t honestly see a way out for those people other than a miraculous work of God.

I got this doctor to make so many logical admissions but the end result did not change what her behavior will be. She hasn’t had a visitor in her home since January and will continue to stay home, wear the most extreme mask she can purchase, and live in abject fear, I’m pretty sure. There’s a small chance she heard some of what I said and that it will trigger more digging, but that chance is almost nonexistant because of the spiritual aspect of this and how fear works. She admitted that viruses naturally evolve into less dangerous versions and that allowing it to spread will hasten that progression, but in the end, the greater good was still looked at as preventing that very thing from happening. 

Make it make sense. 

I’m using the fear of covid as an example but honestly, I’ve had so many fears over the past year, and none of them have had to do with the virus. There is so much fear out there regardless of what side you’re on. There’s a group of people who push the fears of socialism, of us sinking into communism (I totally swallowed this one for a while), of the consequences of the wrong person being president…etc etc. 

Have you noticed that so far, it’s all consent based and how likely it will be that it’ll continue this way? We’re consenting to almost all of this right now. Who needs socialism if your amazon membership can be suspended because of your noncompliance? It’ll probably be travel rights to start with, actually. Possibly jobs depending where you work. Life might get harder if you want to opt out of the craziness, but a harder life in this case will be better.

I’m starting to think it’s a trick to believe that who is president can even effect those of us who are living right. Obama had 8 years and the world is definitely worse off. But are we? Are those of us who do not subscribe to that system any worse off or have we just learned more about the enemy’s agenda?  Our lives have gone on, our lights have only gotten brighter as the degeneracy around us grows. If we want to make a change, local politics is where it’s at. Talk to your local representatives and vote there. None of us even do that. Maybe some do, but we all think the big thing is to vote in Nov every four years and we have no effect whatsoever on local officials who might actually effect our daily lives. Other than that, politics are kind of useless. People are losing their minds over who might replace RBG, but can anyone truly be much worse than she was? Haters gonna hate. Sinners gonna sin. Are we really going to effect change on a macro level? Especially if we’re ignoring the micro level? 

So I’ve been thinking about justice and the very rightful desire in our hearts for everything to be made right. I long for it myself. When that line comes up in a song or I think of how beautiful heaven will be when everything is made right and that truth and light and beauty bleeds backward in time to color this exhausting, dark life, with hope and redemption, my eyes tear up and I get a lump of longing in my throat. Lord Jesus, hasten the day. 

What’s bad is we’ve been tricked into thinking everything will be made right on this earth, and that we can do it by effecting social change. It’s a lie meant to distract us from what’s truly important. I’m fully convinced of it. See, there are different levels to this. The deepest is spiritual, the rest is just material. The Bible never says the spiritual can be measured by the material. Us living a moral, godly life cannot be measured in material results. We have to stop thinking it will. If that were true, prosperity gospel would also hold truth. It doesn’t. Sometimes the right choices lead to material suffering. What truly matters is the spiritual riches that cannot be seen

We’ve got justice warriors all over the place, trying to control people into doing what is right. Into caring about what they’re supposed to care about. The fear leads to control. As a warrior trying to better the world, we ride around on our metaphorical horse, our faces painted blue, and like Braveheart, we yell and try to rally the troups. Most of the time though, the troups won’t rally and it’s an effort in frustration, whether we’re trying to dismantle the Hollywood child trafficking rings, end racism, or make vaccine manufacturers liable again. But if we ignore our children while we try to “raise awareness” online, what lasting good have we done? If we go to protests and rallies and yell about black lives mattering, but we don’t reach out to our black neighbors or teach our children how to love everyone of all skin colors, and even thought groups we don’t agree with, have we really effected change? If they grow up so threatened by people who don’t see things their way that they’re reduced to frothing at the mouth and ineffectual yelling, or someone in constant need of a safe space, how can we say we’ve done our duty in raising strong, confident humans that are effective in God’s kingdom?

The thing is, we’re not going to fix this world. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. That we shouldn’t be aware of these things and point out the inverted evil around us, but when you place your hope in men fixing the injustice, you’re just going to end up frustrated and angry. I remember when the WHO had that meeting almost a year ago now and admitted literally everything antivaxxers have been saying right in front of cameras and it’s still on their website; hours of video and they admit things like vaccines not being safe, that antivaxxer information isn’t “misinformation” at all. They admit that there’s a problem with how vaccine injury is reported. They admit vaccines kill. They admit that we’re winning. They admit we’re all trapped in a vaccine induced herd immunity nightmare that has no end in sight because it’s going to fail because vaccine immunity doesn’t last long enough. I remember thinking, “Well, it’s over! This does it. No one can make these claims anymore because the WHO just admitted it all on camera! No one can mandate these anymore because this proves without a shadow that we’re right.” I waited confidently for the vaccine empire to crumble…annnd…nothing happened haha.  It’s like that conference never took place and when you try to get people to watch it, they refuse.

So there you have it. The truth doesn’t matter to some. It doesn’t matter to most, actually. And that’s just the truth. And I think that comes back to fear as well. People are so scared of these 16 infections (most wouldn’t be able to even name all 16) that they literally will tell you that humanity would be wiped out of existence if we didn’t vaccinate. Most parents get their children their shots, firmly believing they’re doing the right thing, but they walk out of that office not knowing what infections their child was just vaccinated against. Their trust in their doctor and the entire medical system is so great that they hand over their child for this ritual without ever asking a single question. And if you dare question that blind faith, they shut you down without apology. Like you are the crazy one! Whew. This world is certainly upside down. 

So if I don’t think any of our justice warrioring will produce earth shattering results, why is it necessary to know about these things? Well, partly it’s because knowing the truth sets you free. It sets you free from the fear, the control that comes as a result of that fear, and it changes how you live your life. It changes how you raise your children. It completely dismantles the power they might want to hold over you. I’ve never felt as free from control (being controlled and wanting to control others) as I do these days. I’m also more and more free of caring about public opinion. It’s incredibly liberating.

Have y’all read the definition of demoralization? Just reading the definition is so eye opening. Go look it up and just think about it….look for it in your own soul…watch for it in others. I’m not going to say reject, but definitely be wary of those who embrace it wholeheartedly. I’ve watched strong men who drew the line at wearing masks on their family do a 180 a few months later and talk about how they’re disappointed in themselves and they’ve now bought masks for everyone and they’re gonna be better christians now. The assumption behind that belief is that good christians follow rules and bad ones don’t. Is that truly accurate? What if the Bible tells us to obey our authorites because they’re in place to punish the evildoers and reward those who do good? Why is that clause always in with that command, like it qualifies the statement? If we are supposed to blindly obey all things, wouldn’t it say it just like that? And if we’re not supposed to obey blindly, then is it logical to draw the line at a vaccine with a chip in it? If it’s about our rights and if we don’t have any, what is the logical explanation for saying no at that point but not at masks? I honestly want to know.  

What if it goes way deeper than good Christian = masks for all, bad Christian (or maybe you’re not even allowed to call yourself a Christian anymore) = resistance and selfishness and “fighting for your rights”? What if it goes beyond the material into the spiritual realm and since the laws are being inspired by that same demon of fear we’re supposed to reject, refusing is actually the right thing to do? I’m just saying, it’s a possibility. Is there a better way to fight fear than leaving your face bare and smiling into the eyes of strangers with genuine love and good humor? I personally don’t think so, but I’ve been wrong before. I’ve heard enough stories about people whipping their masks off because of someone else being brave enough to walk in with a naked face and the deep breath of oxygen mixed with empowerment and fearlessness is such a relief they just grin at each other in pure joy. What if we’re trading in our joy and human connection for demoralized bondage? 

And even if I’m wrong about the above, answer me this: if you’re wearing a mask, what is it that sets you apart from the fearful? It’s a valid question isn’t it? That’s why I say your mask should make a statement. Or your eyes should be sparkling with good cheer at the very least. If you’re just bowing in obeisance to the monster of fear, your demoralized downcast eyes are just making you one of the mindless crowd and as a Christian, you should do better than that, at the very least. There are many levels and I’m not saying God calls us to all walk this out in the same way. I am saying that as Christians, we’d better not be fearful, and if you hold your ignorance as a shield while bashing others with the assumption that they’re wrong in choosing a different path, you’re not much better either. 

How we choose to fight all of this really matters. There are so many ways to waste your time and efforts on things that do nothing to reach your goals and many that actually do more harm than good (antifa and BLM are excellent examples of this; I can’t name a single good thing either group has done. Nope, I’m sorry. Names changing on syrup containers and burning down cities are not going to bring about change that is good and long lasting).

On the other hand, you can live a good, godly, moral life without knowing about any of the agendas, being mostly ignorant, and I’m very open to the possibility that for some, this is the best way, as I’ve said before. I do think that choosing complete ignorance of the agendas at play is not doing yourself or your children any favors though. I think you open yourself being hoodwinked (unless you are very in tune with the Holy Spirit) and I also think it opens you to worshiping idols. Have you ever thought of how idols these days aren’t little graven images, but they’re actually our own intelligence or the experts in white coats, and possibly for some, actors in Hollywood? Knowing things also has the added benefit of keeping you from looking like an absolute idiot when you’re trying to make your point in an argument you’re inevitably a part of, based in ignorance. 😛

I’ve been listening to Jim Bob and Owen Benjamin…and they’re making so much sense to me these days. And they’re also resulting in a feeling of peaceful empowerment and freedom. So what is the solution they constantly talk about? Well, it’s very simple. Build. Build the life you want. Build on morals and logic and God. Opt out of the systems where you would be effected by all the poop flying around. Get away from Babylon. It’s falling. And that’s a good thing. Buy some land. Build a house. Grow your own food. Build community around yourself that you can rely on when times get tough. Get as independent from government and big corporations as possible. Spend more money for products made by people you want to support instead of saving money and buying at Walmart. It’s a lie that saving $5 on a product is a better decision than spending more to support someone you know. People are more important than money, after all. Invest in community, not a bank account.

So many of us are doing this already and for some, it might end there and that’s enough. Certainly if God hasn’t called you to know more, it is enough. But the more truth you know, the more wise you’ll be. Ignorance isn’t ever held up in the Word of God as far as I know. “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves,” these men live this out and it’s so inspiring. 
That’s what I want. I want to be wise and harmless and I want to focus on my family. Pour my life out for them and watch the results grow in the decades to come. It’s a legacy worth fighting for, worth living for.

A hill worth living on. 😉


One thought on “Justice, Truth, and Demoralization

  1. You know, I just wonder, HOW and WHY did we get to this place in time where we hold vaccines in such high regards and don’t even want to know that they could be a wrong choice? God knew we’d need help for sicknesses and diseases and has given us resources for them. (Some folks will likey say vaccines are one of them.) 🙂 I’m pretty sure since people get vaccinations and ‘nothing’ happens then they feel the vaccines are perfectly fine. I can understand that. But my question is, what will they (vaccines) do to us in the long run? And how do we know they haven’t done injury in our physical life? I’m not at all down-playing hospitals and doctors; I firmly believe we need them. I’m also not saying that no one should get vaccinated for anything. (But, I have to wonder even so)

    To everyone who may read this, I beg that it doesn’t cause an argument here. I have questions and likely others do too. Can we honestly look at some of these things?

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