A lot of people have been asking me where I’m going to go once instagram shuts down my account. First of all, I don’t have a guarantee that IG will shut me down, but if they do, I’ve tentatively decided not to really go anywhere. I love sharing my thoughts, and I plan to still post here as I feel led. But if I do lose my IG account, I think I will take it as a sign that this stage of my life is drawing to a close and it’s time to put my efforts into other things. I am holding all of this very very loosely. If God wants me to keep on, he’ll have to protect that account.

I think 2020 was the year of revelation. So much truth was revealed. I don’t know what the coming years will bring, but I feel that the window for “waking people up” is closing. If, after 2020, you are not asking questions that I can help answer, I don’t think I’m much good to you. And those of you asking those questions are already finding the answers.

In an effort to point you in the direction of finding those answers, I want to kind of map out the path God walked me down towards the end of 2018 when I first started looking into the vaccine topic.

It actually started in 2016 when I was pregnant with Atticus and read The Vaccine Book by Dr Bob Sears. [1] I highly recommend this book as a starting point. I wanted something very unbiased, middle of the road, non-conspiracy, and science based. This is all of the above and then some. I would actually class it more provaccine than anti. But it has all the numbers, goes over every vaccine and the infection it targets, shows the prevalence of complications and probability of catching the infection, numbers before and after vaccines were introduced, etc etc. He then touches on the ingredients in each vaccine, has a chapter on aluminum, and goes over a few of the conflicts of interest and corruption, but he really only skims over the top of those topics.

I decided not to vaccinate after reading that book, but I reserved the right to change my mind if any major outbreaks occurred close to here, or if I came across information that led me in a different direction.

After Lucas was born in 2018, I discovered an account on instagram I started following and the claims she made kind of blew my mind. Having someone just talk about the facts on this topic really drove home a lot more of the information and I started doing some real digging.

I came across ICAN and the FOIA requests, subsequent lawsuit and resulting correspondence between ICAN and HHS. [2] I read the original document, the response from HHS, and the entire 88 page reply multiple times, also following many of the hyperlinks inside these documents. If there’s one thing I could tell everyone to read on this topic, it would be that. It’s all there. Every single issue with the entire, stinking pile that is the vaccine system. It’s the most comprehensive, thorough, and complete set of documents available to date, and they’re still in the process of pressing legal charges against HHS for their extreme disregard and failure when it comes to their duty in being a regulatory agency and someone the US population can trust when it comes to our children’s health and safety.

After that, I read Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries. [3] It’s the most thorough textbook on the history of vaccines and disease I’ve seen, and I truly wish it were included in medical and nursing school. The attitude of doctors and nurses regarding this topic would be one of humility and learning instead of one of arrogance and bigotry. It is mind boggling in its thoroughness and how much time and effort must have been involved in her and Roman Bystrionyk putting it together. I’ll always treasure this book and what it has taught me.

I am currently making my way through Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies. [4] I’m finding it extremely helpful and it’s easily broken down by category which makes it easy to find things and read in bite sized pieces. It’s also quite mind boggling that this incredible amount of science exists, all of it quite damning to vaccines. Some would say it’s a book of “cherry picked” studies, but I’ve only ever heard the other side accuse people of cherry picking. They don’t usually cite studies at all. It’s broad, sweeping statements without any proof at all. I’ve often wished the other side would cherry pick. It would be better than nothing, or almost nothing. 😛

Pubmed, is an excellent resource. It’s the science after all. You can type in any word into their search bar and be kept busy for days. The more science you read, the more you will understand it, and get a grasp on what is going on. I’ve made a lot of discoveries by just going directly to the science. Your confidence will grow as you do this. More and more studies are behind a paywall, especially the really good ones, but still. It’s good for brain exercise if nothing else.

I did a nosedive into The Highwire’s YouTube channel and watched every single episode, often pausing to look stuff up and read the studies cited. They just celebrated their 200th episode last week and each episode is around 2 hrs long. It’s a lot of info. They got kicked off youtube last year and are now at their own website [5] and you can find their archived episodes on bitchute. [6]

Tetyana’s Obukhanych’s (a Harvard Immunologist) blog has some real gems. [7] The amount of cited science is incredible and each one is very carefully thought out and beautifully backed.

YouTube still has some lectures by many of the people above. Hearing them speak is a wonderful experience. Suzanne Humphries is probably my favorite. I feel like she’s an absolute genius, and the amount of science she sources as she talks (so you can look it up yourself) is always so helpful. Definitely go listen to them before they’re removed.

Vaxxed is an important film and is available for free on some platforms. [8] Vaxxed 2 is one I watched in theaters. I cried so hard. It’s not free, but it would be worth paying to stream it or buy the DVD. [9] Just listening to these people’s broken stories is enough to cause some major heartache. And if you can’t listen to the people’s stories, where even are you as a human being?

The Vaccine Conversation Podcast (available everywhere) with Melissa and Dr Bob is an amazing resource. They link everything they mention at their website, [10] Incidentally, they both have side pocasts now. Dr Bob reads his latest book aloud (A Tale of Two Sides: A Novel On Vaccines and Disease by John Phillip Ryan [11]) and I’m pretty sure it’s becoming my favorite book on this topic so far. It’s written as a story (sometimes a debate), both sides are always presented (he does not do strawman arguments! The provaccine side is fully represented), and it’s literally so incredibly fascinating and fun to listen to. If you do one thing with that book, listen to the chapter on aluminum. It was awesome. Melissa’s side podcast is called What They Aren’t Telling You and she has a way of presenting the other side on controversial topics that is unparalleled.

I may take suggestions and add to this blog post as time goes on. But for now, I feel like I’ve given y’all some really great resources that could keep you busy for at least 2 years. They’ve kept me busy for that long, anyway.

Feel free to add suggestions in the comment section as well! Anyone who comes here will not be lacking for direction on where to start with this topic. 🙂

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  1. I deleted my Instagram a month ago or so and I feel like it was a wise decision for me. But! I miss all your info (and many other ladies’) SO much!! So I’m extra thankful when you wrote on here 🙂


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