I’ve been looking forward to this one because it’s a classic example of how the media controls the general opinion and how digging a little deeper almost always reveals a pile of rotting manure they’re trying to deflect your attention from. 😛

What is mumps? Short definition: A viral infection that affects the salivary glands that’s easily preventable by a vaccine (we’ll talk about “easily” later).

Here’s a dictionary definition: a contagious and infectious viral disease causing swelling of the parotid salivary glands in the face, and a risk of sterility in adult males.

I’m going to try a new thing to see if I can make my writing flow better without links throughout the blog, and have them all listed and numbered at the end. That way, you can read the blog and take it as is, and then do research at your own convenience. And if you want to fact check me as you read, you can always jump to the end to check my source.

I searched pubmed (this is an invaluable resource I’m beginning to truly love) to see what doctors thought of mumps before the vaccine was invented, and since the studies are listed in order, I just skipped back to the beginning (all the way in the 1800’s), and it didn’t take me long to strike gold. [1]

This paper is called A Sponsored Epidemic of Mumps (isn’t that a great title?). It was written in 1944. Here are some quotes: “Among the so-called contagious diseases of childhood, mumps has one quality peculiar to itself–that being less severe in complications before puberty than after this period. Although occasional cases of mumps encephalitis are encountered among children, other complications such as orchitis, ovaritis, and pancreatitis are rarely seen under 12 years of age.”

I’m going to try and paraphrase a little. Mumps is not dangerous in childhood. But if contracted in adulthood, the chance of complications are higher, especially that of orchitis (swelling of testicles) and resultant sterility. He makes note of 4,000,000 man days being lost in the U.S. Army in the first World War because of mumps. So he wanted to, on purpose, expose children to the disease to give them lifelong immunity, so that they would be protected from it in adulthood, when it’s dangerous. The common sense and lack of bias was amazing back then when it came to these infections. I find it refreshing that doctors actually wanted to protect their patients and the population at large by making them sick when they could handle it. That kind of mentality is so completely foreign to today’s thinking. “Suffer a little now, benefit a lot later,” is becoming such a foreign concept to us as a whole in all areas, not just childhood illness, but every area of pain. We let barely anything take it’s natural course anymore. We treat every fever with tylenol and ibuprofen, rub numbing gel on every budding tooth, fear natural childbirth as if it’s the worst possible thing that could happen to a woman, and just generally medicate everything that could possibly be medicated. We forget this: “Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance,and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.(Romans 5:3-5) No one wants to see their child go through suffering or pain, but pain is a part of life, and if they learn to deal with it in childhood, don’t you think that will do them good in their futures?

He sent this letter to parents of children in a certain school: “Dear Parents, At the present moment there are a number of cases of mumps in the school. Several of the children have brothers or sisters in other classes not exposed. With all other contagious diseases our policy is to exclude these children exposed at home to avoid further possibility of contagion. However, since mumps is an extremely mild disease and almost devoid of any complications before puberty, I feel it would be inadvisable to do anything to avoid exposure to this disease, unless there is a particular reason. We would like to know if you and your child’s physician are in agreement.”

They all agreed, and a mumps epidemic ensued. Of 114 susceptible children exposed, 62 contracted the mumps within a period of 3 months. Of the 62 children, 6 developed complications: 4 cases of mumps encephalitis, 1 case of orchitis in a 12 year old boy, and 1 with a probable mild pancreatitis. All recovered fully. One teacher and 10 parents also developed mumps. (which they totally overlooked in their plan).

Please note: vaccines do the exact opposite of this. We are protecting our children, during the time they would best handle these infections, and exposing them in adulthood, which in turn, keeps mothers from passing on immunity in breastmilk, so we have an entire population of adults, elderly, and newborns exposed to illnesses that are least dangerous in the ONLY group vaccines protect. This was not on purpose. They fully expected vaccines to last a lifetime when they were first introduced, with what I believe was good intentions. But what I also believe, is that when you bypass your God-given immune system that begins on mucous membranes of the nose and mouth, and passes through the gut or respiratory system before entering the blood stream, you only incite one part of the immune system, and thus, vaccines do not give life long immunity. If you doubt me, please research the following: CDC adult recommended vaccine schedule, primary vaccine failure, secondary vaccine failure, cellular immunity, humoral immunity, and innate immunity.

Incidentally, this quote from WebMD on growing pains has been making its rounds on Facebook and I just want to point it out before they change it. It makes me grin…they’re trying to incite fear with all the hysteria, but I don’t think they’ll ever be able to wipe the internet clean (even on their own sites) of the truth: “Like mumps and measlesgrowing pains are a rite of passage, a sign of growing up. Most parents take it in stride. “It’s just growing pains,” they tell their crying child.[2] It’s a shame people don’t read more old books and history, is all I can say. They wouldn’t be so easily fooled.

mumps cases in US by year
Here is what the mumps outbreaks look like in the US these days. (source here)

Isn’t it interesting that the media is running around with their hair on fire because of measles cases which wouldn’t dream of reaching the heights graphed above? It’s not because mumps is less dangerous. It’s potentially more dangerous than measles because of the risk of complications in adult populations. Could it be that they’re deflecting our attention from vaccine failure? Because these outbreaks are definitely vaccine failure. If the population is 99-100% vaccinated, it’s hard to logically blame anti-vaxxers, I suppose, although I’m sure they’ll resort to that, if these stories start getting more coverage.

From this study, it looks like there was already problems with the mumps strain back in 1999. They did a case controlled study of vaccine effectiveness and came up with 69%. Their conclusion is gold: “This is consistent with the results of other observational studies of mumps containing vaccines, but lower than the immunogenicity of mumps vaccines reported by clinical trials. This discrepancy is because observational studies tend to underestimate vaccine effectiveness, and because immunogenicity is not necessarily an accurate biological marker of vaccine effectiveness.The current two-dose vaccination programme remains the best method for controlling mumps infection in the community.[3] What I hear beyond this carefully worded paragraph is “clinical trials are where a vaccine looks best, sometimes they don’t play out that way in real life, but they’re still awesome and the best possible way for us to live.”

But then there’s the fact that two scientists are suing Merck for forcing them to falsify data and commit fraud to say the mumps strain was more effective than it actually is. [4] The methods used to bump up effectiveness included:

  • Using the vaccine virus to test effectiveness rather than the wild virus.
  • Using animal antibodies to help manage the testing rate.
  • Faking the result of the tests that used animal antibodies. [5]

Then there’s all the college campus outbreaks (in fully vaccinated people), and a Navy Ship stranded and quarantined for over 3 months in the Persian Gulf, waiting for the mumps outbreak to die down in their 100% recently vaccinated population: “All seven hundred and three military personnel aboard the ship have received measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) booster vaccinations, according to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet headquartered in Bahrain.” [6] Which could really blow holes in the vaccine-induced herd immunity theory if the vaccine works at all. The military is more heavily vaccinated than even nurses are.

They stayed in the gulf (I hope they’re not still there) and were properly quarantined and treated, they also all got revaccinated (because if 3 doses didn’t work, the 4th surely will!), and will hopefully all be okay. [7]

As far as treatment goes, I did a few searches and it looks like the conservative treatment of flu is what is most recommended for treatment of mumps: lots of fluids, keeping fever from getting too high, building up the immune system to help it fight off the illness. I would say vitamins, especially vitamin C would be very powerful in helping alleviate symptoms and get you better faster. I’ve been learning so much about vitamin C lately and want to do a post about it sometime! It’s been used with so much success in so many different problems.

Please see my measles post if you want details on the MMR. ❤

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