“Vaccines Are Totally Safe Say the People Who Brought Us Vioxx, Bextra, Baycol, Trovan, Phen-Fen, Xarelto, Raxar, and Seldane…” This was the title of an article on Huffpost in 2017 that was quickly censored almost as soon as it was published.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of an anti-vaxxer? What screw must be loose in our heads to get us to question something so basic, so utterly against the mainstream consensus? Well, I’m going to give you a little glimpse today. Just a peak into *drum roll* “The Great Conspiracy.”

Let me backtrack a bit. I recently joined a group on Facebook with a mixture of pro and anti-vaxx people as members, discussion was encouraged, and I had some really great learning opportunities and glimpses into the belief system behind the staunchly pro-vaxx mindset. This is not your average person who chooses to vaccinate because that’s the default our society is set at. These are those who want to force vaccinate the entire world. Who believe vaccines are completely risk free and anyone who doubts them must be brainwashed. I have to say, the hallmark of the pro-mandate crowd is a closed mind. That might not apply to everyone, but when I supplied pubmed studies talking about the danger of vaccines or that vaccines do not contribute to herd immunity, a pattern emerged:

  1. My comment was ignored (good discussion before the science was presented, silence, after).
  2. I was called paranoid or a conspiracy theorist.
  3. The scientist doing the study was attacked as a “quack” and “anti-vaccine”, or “biased” (which always made me wanna giggle and comment “pot calling the kettle?”, but I never did, because I was painstakingly polite and diplomatic in every discussion, and as a result, no one has wished death on my children, which is a common complaint among others who have tried to have these discussions).
  4. I was condescendingly told to leave the science to the scientists and doctors who knew what they were doing.

I’m going to address that last one, because it really bothers me. I don’t think they smell the stank of religious dogma in that piece of advice, or how absolutely misguided it is to advocate blind trust in these people. If there’s one entity in this world we should question, it’s big pharma and the doctors who blindly prescribe their medications.

Let’s look at just a few of the many many drugs that have been recalled in the past.

Fenfluramine/phentermine (Fen-Phen): Obesity drug on the market for over 24 years, harmed over 50,000 people. Caused damage to heart valves, a problem these people (those who didn’t die) will have to deal with the rest of their lives and possibly have to undergo open heart surgery to replace their valves.

Baycol: Cholesterol medication on the market only 4 years because it caused over 100,000 deaths in that short period of time. Its nasty “side effect” was rhabdomyolosis, which clogs the kidney with protein from dying muscle.

Bextra: NSAID prescribed to treat arthritis and was removed from the market after only one year and a mere 1,200 injuries and deaths because it’s the same class of drug as Vioxx, and was causing the same side effect: heart attacks. “…it gave rise to one of the largest criminal fines ever imposed in the US.  Pharmacia & UpJohn Company was fined $1.195 billion, in addition to legal awards, after admitting to criminal wrongdoing, specifically with ‘intent to defraud or mislead’ in relation to the promotion of the drug.[1] (I’m not going to link as much as usual in this post because it’s news, not science, and you can easily look these up for yourself.)

Phenylpropanolamine (PPA): psychoactive drug “used for everything from dieting to cold medication to treatment of psychological disordersThe FDA estimates that between 200 to 500 strokes per year would have been prevented if PPA was replaced with something that presented less risks,” on the market for at least 60 years so you can only imagine the untold damage… More than 25,000 lawsuits have been filed. Money isn’t much of a comfort, though, when you’re either dead, or an invalid.

Mibefradil (Posicor): “In only one year on the market, Posicor was linked to 123 deaths.  Considered relatively safe when taken alone, Posicor became potentially deadly when combined with any of 25 different drugs.  The large number of deaths are troublesome considering that the drug was prescribed to no more than 200,000 people worldwide in the space of one year, a relatively small number.  Posicor is on this list for stimulating debate surrounding policies encouraging the FDA to hasten the approval of certain drugs. It is often cited as a strong example of what can go wrong when drugs are rushed to market.”

And then last but not least, Vioxx. Prescribed for arthritic pain, on the market for only 5 years, and killing (by heart attack and stroke) over 60,000 people–more than died in the Vietnam War. [2] The Lancet actually reported that more than 140,000 people suffered from serious coronary heart disease from taking the drug in the US alone.

By the way, Vioxx was manufactured by Merck, the largest vaccine manufacturer in the US.

These are lives ruined and ended by pharmaceutical companies who ignore dangerous data in clinical trials and keep right on steam rolling when red flags are raised once it’s out on the market. This is all without mentioning the opioid epidemic that is killing thousands of people every day, and ruining millions of lives. Did you know opioids can be prescribed to children? And that they don’t have a limit on how much? [3]

In a system where everyone does what they’re told, and the buck stops at Pharma, don’t you think it’s wise to ask questions? To look at the science for ourselves? To be educated and aware about what goes into our children’s bodies?

Everyone wants to separate the two. Big Pharma out to get money, but in a back room somewhere, Jesus and his angels are making the vaccines. I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works. You can NOT separate the two. There’s a reason the Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. The fact is, every single one of the 4 companies that manufacture vaccines is a convicted felon, embroiled in law suit after law suit because of drugs that injured and killed people. I’m sure not all of it was a callous disregard for people’s lives, as is the case with Vioxx and some of the others where fraud and skewing of evidence was hidden from the FDA, but the fact that they are willing to be dishonest to make more money is glaringly obvious.

To allow a convicted felon to inject anything into my child, I’d have to have absolute, proven, without-a-doubt scientific evidence that every single angle was looked at, every single ingredient faithfully tested and proven innocent. And not checked by the convicted felon themselves. I don’t like murderers in charge of the forensics.

I will not have a lackadaisical attitude about this. I will not trust blindly. I will question. I will search. I will read. I will look at every angle, and question every study. If their science can’t stand up to the scrutiny of a moderately educated nurse and mother, if it’s offensive to someone that I am suspicious of these convicted criminals, if it’s a conspiracy theory for me to look askance at an industry that has killed more people than the Vietnam War with only one of its deviously produced drugs, then go ahead and call me crazy. Call me a conspiracy theorist.

But from where I stand, those who blindly trust, who question nothing, who hand their children over to greedy convicted murderers, who assume all will be well, and that these industries have your child’s best interest at heart when they don’t bat an eye at killing millions of people for profit, these people I can merely look at with bewilderment at what can only be described as true insanity.

As I’ve said before, not a single ingredient in vaccines has ever been tested (by itself or in conjunction with all the others) for safety when injected, and by ingredient, I mean many that cause me serious concern. (I’m just going to keep posting this list as often as possible hehe).

Just think about it. All those drugs went through proper clinical trials. They received the gold standard treatment of a saline placebo and long term studies. All of them were approved as safe. And then think about the fact that vaccines aren’t drugs. They are listed as biologics and as such, do not need to be tested for safety against a saline placebo, which means they’re not properly tested. And then add on the fact that you can sue for all of the above. You can hold pharmaceutical companies responsible. You can at least make them PAY for killing all those people.

Not for vaccines. They never pay a single dollar for vaccine damage, they don’t have to prove they’re safe (case in point, the hep b vaccine we give to newborns was monitored for safety for FIVE DAYS–more details here.), and they are completely free of any consequences. [4]

And you want me to just assume that good morals are going to keep them honest while they’re making these vaccines that bring in billions of dollars in profit? Really!?

So please spare me. Spare me the herd immunity line that has been disproven over and over (check my herd immunity posts for info on that). Spare me the guilt trips. Spare me the virtue signaling. Spare me the talk about how it’s my duty. Spare me the line that I’m too ignorant to be able to read and understand the studies and the science. Spare me all of it. These are my children. My duty is to them. And someday, I’ll be able to look them in the eye and with the hours of research and study shining behind my eyes, I will tell them with complete confidence that I did what was right by them. I chose not to mess with the natural order God created, I measured the risks and benefits very carefully. I realize both decisions come with risk, but after very extensive research, I have chosen the natural path, the path that realizes good health does not come through a needle, the view that our immune systems are more complicated than science has yet discovered and that God knew best. Stimulating it artificially comes with risks I am simply not comfortable with. So I have chosen the path I think is best. Most of you do not agree, and that’s okay. But I am at peace, and that is what matters. I have chosen to strengthen their immune systems to protect them from all illness, not just the 16 we have vaccines for.

Will you have the same confidence with your decision?

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One thought on “The Great Conspiracy

  1. Wow I’m glad you keep your boys healthy and their immune systems strong! This will help them get over anything. And I’m also very thankful that we do not have to deal with autism.


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