Someone just asked me to compile a list of reasons on why I choose not to vaccinate, and at first, my brain went completely blank because the barrage of reasons were simply too long and large to even know where to start, but I shall attempt to list some of the main problems I have that come to mind and list sources. Feel free to use this blog post as a resource to take information to your doctors and maybe as a list for family members or anyone in your life that asks you this question.

Reason Number 1: Vaccine Manufacturers are not held liable for vaccine injury and death since the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

Reason Number 2: Those in charge of safety are not taking their job seriously. In the Act above, HHS (Health and Human Services) was put in charge of vaccine safety and charged with the responsibility of making a biennial report on their efforts to make vaccines safer. In 2017, ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network, a nonprofit organization) submitted a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to see these reports. A year later, and after a law suit, HHS has admitted to not making these reports. Not once in over 30 years. They have shirked their duty regarding vaccine safety.

Reason Number 3: The process of compensation is almost impossible for the lay person who has been injured. If I or my child were injured or killed by a vaccine, we would have to submit our claim to vaccine court, where we would fight Department of Justice lawyers. Proof of injury would be my burden to carry, I would have to produce the science, the experts, and the mechanism of action, instead of it being their responsibility to prove it wasn’t the vaccine. There is a table of compensated injuries here: (Most of these are much worse than some of the infections we vaccinate against). If we were to fight in vaccine court, and by some miracle, win, our compensation would come from an excise tax of 75 cents on every vaccine sold. Pharmaceutical companies do not have to answer for injury. The secretary of health and human services is in charge of vaccine court (the same HHS who is in charge of safety but not doing their job), so we have to fight the government for compensation of injury. Even if vaccine injury is as rare as we would like to believe, the difficulty in obtaining compensation if you are that unlucky person is too much. The people in charge of safety should not be the same who defend vaccines in court. And even against these impossible odds, over 4 billion has been paid out as of 2019:

Reason Number 4: No honest person who has reviewed the evidence can make the claim that vaccines are safe. There is no way to measure this statement because of the following: Vaccines are categorized as biologics and as such, do not undergo the rigorous testing applied to most drugs. For example,

  1. None of the vaccines on the childhood schedule have been tested against a saline placebo:

2. When asked to produce evidence of the robust science surrounding the safety of vaccines, frequently touted by the media, the government has produced woefully little proof of these claims, as evidenced by the communications between the nonprofit organization ICAN and the following entities who all signed off on this communication:

  • HHS
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO)
  • Office of General Council (OGC)
  • Office of Government and Community Affairs (OGCA)
  • Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
  • National Institutes for Health (NIH)
  • Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality (AHRQ)
  • Assistant Secretary for Financial Services (ASFR)

Read the original notice, reply from the authorities on vaccine safety, and the response from ICAN here:

Most recently, the Global Vaccine Safety Summit conducted by the WHO (world health organization) in December of 2019 was woefully less than reassuring:

3. Clinical trials on vaccines are of much shorter duration than most drugs must undergo. Here is an example:


Reason Number 5: Pharmaceutical influence is too far reaching.

  1. They are able to contribute to authors of journals where their studies are published:
  2. They have financial ties to healthcare companies and doctors which are not disclosed 63% of the time in their published studies:
  3. They give millions of dollars to authors of medical textbooks:
  4. They spend more than anyone else, lobbying in Washington (twice as much as oil and gas):
  5. The CDC owns vaccine patents:,, (to name a few)
  6. It has also been revealed that one of the ACIP (Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices) members (Paul Offit) voted for a rotavirus vaccine to be added to the schedule at the same time as he was in the process of creating his own version of a rotavirus vaccine, and in so doing, effectively created a pathway for his own vaccine to be put on the market and added to the childhood schedule, which it is now doing, to the tune of millions (if not billions) of dollars every year.

Reason Number 6: Vaccine injury after licensure is not thoroughly measured. Given that clinical trials for vaccines are so inadequate, one would assume that the data collection after licensure would be very thorough, robust, and detailed. It is not. We depend on passive collection systems like VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) with multiple disclaimers on their website about not using the data to actually extrapolate the dangers of vaccines by using their data. And when Harvard collaborated with the CDC to automate VAERS and make it an active, electronic reporting system, they first did a study on VAERS and discovered that less than one percent of vaccine injuries even make it to VAERS. I have heard that most doctors and even most pediatricians are not even aware of VAERS. If they don’t know about it how will they know to report an injury? And are they taught what vaccine injury might look like? Do they even know about the vaccine injury table where the most expected injuries are listed? These are questions only individual doctors can answer. So far in my research, the answers have been unsatisfactory.

Can we agree that vaccine injury is real? That it does happen? Maybe we don’t agree on how often, but let’s do some math. Even if, as the media states over and over, serious injury (resulting in permanent harm or death) is only 1 in a million, isn’t that still a risk? At first glance, it seems like good odds, but do you know how many vaccines are given every year? A child following the CDC schedule is slated to receive 30 vaccines by the time they are 18 months old (including those received in utero). How many babies are born every year? How many vaccines are recommended at ages 4-5 before children go to school? How many people get the flu shot? How many of our elderly are lining up for all the boosters they are recommended now? Where does this 1 in a million number come from? Is it only anaphylaxis? What about thrombocytopenia? What about the 1 in 4 adult women who are going to get arthritis from the MMR booster? What about autoimmunity from trying to reprogram our immune systems artificially over and over and over? The risk gets bigger and bigger the more of these questions you can answer. And where there is risk, there must be choice. It really boils down to the fact that as parents, it is our right to choose if we want to risk our children with this program or not.

Reason Number 7: Vaccines are not the pathway to health. We are the most highly vaccinated population in the world, and our health consistently ranks the worst compared to other industrialized nations. I know there are many factors involved with this, but all in all, one cannot make the statement that vaccines are making us healthy. They aren’t even the only pathway to preventing disease. There are 16 infections for which we have vaccines (out of billions of viruses and bacteria that could possibly harm us). The ones pushed the hardest, are measles, pertussis, HPV, and the flu vaccine. I will go over 3 of these four very quickly (I am excluding HPV as my children aren’t old enough for it yet).

Measles: For one, public opinion of measles before there was a vaccine showed a complete disregard and lack of fear. Check out the Brady Bunch episode on the subject for an example. Or this description by Dr Langmuir (the father of epidemiology) in 1962: We now know that it can be treated by high dose vitamin A which decreases the risk of complications almost completely. You will find a table for recommended vitamin A dosing by the WHO here:

The death rate of measles had decreased by 99% before the vaccine was introduced:

The MMR is problematic to me for many reasons. Reading the package insert is cause for concern; the long list of adverse events and postmarketing data (including encephalopathy, pneumonia, and every other complication attributed to measles itself) are much scarier than a description of measles, especially if actual numbers are involved.

Then there is the Corvelva report as proof of what happens when a third party lab obtains an MMRV vaccine and examines it with the latest technology:

Pertussis: There are many articles admitting that the DTaP does not work. It is becoming overwhelmingly well-documented. The fact that there is strain dominance happening that makes the vaccine less effective (, that because of linked-epitope suppression, those who get the vaccine are actually more susceptible to pertussis (, that it makes you a silent carrier (

I don’t want my child to be more susceptible, I don’t want my child to contribute to strain dominance that makes pertussis bacteria stronger and more resistant to antibiotics, and I for sure do not want my child to be a silent carrier that potentially spreads pertussis to someone who is immunocompromised or a newborn baby who would be vulnerable to this infection. If my children were to get pertussis, I would want to know, so they could stay home so as not to endanger others.

Pertussis’s ability to kill had also dropped by over 90% before the vaccine was introduced:

And when confidence in the vaccine dropped and vaccine uptake took a dive,
the death rate did not increase. And this was the DTP vaccine, which is said
to be more effective even than the acellular version we use now.

The DTaP contains up to 850 mcg of aluminum when the FDA safety limit for IV aluminum per dose is 25 mcg. No limit has been set for IM aluminum. Reading the insert and the long list of adverse events and postmarketing surveillance (including SIDS) is also concerning to me, especially considering that I am not worried about tetanus or diptheria, and I know the pertussis component doesn’t work. To me, this vaccine is all risk and no benefit. A 2015 study of VAERS showed that over 79% of SIDS deaths occurred the same day as vaccination: Considering that most SIDS deaths coincide with well child checks, and since the literature has not come even close to exonerating vaccines as a culprit, I am not comfortable risking my children’s deaths for what I can only measure as very little benefit, if any at all, especially since this vaccine comes with so many boosters.

Influenza: the aggressive campaign to drive flu shot uptake is nauseating and well documented by scientists with integrity. Here is just one example of the criticism leveled at the CDC from the editor of the BMJ, a renowned and well respected scientist:

Here is a comparison of the estimated flu deaths by year measured against the actual data:


Many years, scientists admit to the efficacy being close to 10%, and as a whole, the efficacy of this vaccine is a very shaky leg to stand on: It has been documented to increase your risk for non-influenza respiratory infections by 4 times: and it comes with a long list of adverse reactions including all the symptoms of the flu, and GBS. In fact, if you look at vaccine court data, the flu vaccine alone accounts for over 50% of compensated injuries.

Of the methods at my disposal to protect my children from the flu, as far as effectiveness goes, the flu shot is very far down on my list. I prefer vitamin D, good nutrition, elderberry syrup, and a healthy lifestyle, all of which have been documented to make one strong enough to be protected from influenza better than the evidence supporting the vaccine, and all of them come without a risk of GBS or any other life threatening risks.

Reason Number 8: I am pro life and it is against my religion to be a part of the market for dead baby parts. The following vaccines are manufactured using aborted babies: hepatitis A, varicella (chicken pox), MMR (the rubella portion), and one of the combined polio vaccines (Quadracel). Please allow me to debunk some of the unsubstantiated claims.

  1. It has always been more than 2 babies sacrificed in the 60’s:
  2. It is ongoing:
  3. Fetal DNA is in the final product: (see also Varivax package insert, and Corvelva report).
  4. And yes. It’s a huge problem:

To recap:

  1. Clinical trials for vaccines come with a safety bar that is incredibly low, with nonexistent safety profiles since they are not measured against an inert substance. The fact that we monitor for safety for days and weeks when vaccines are designed to have long term effects, is simply not thorough enough to convince me of their safety.
  2. The methods by which vaccines are approved and added to the schedule are rife with conflicts of interest and bias that is difficult to surmount enough to trust the process.
  3. After licensure, the data collection of injury and death is woefully inadequate and no one seems interested in improving this system to make it more accurate and reassuring. In fact, certain legislators are even moving to censor stories of vaccine injury on social media. As if parents have anything to gain from blaming vaccines for their children’s health problems. “One in a million” is a lie at worst, and a nice round guess at best, since we are not collecting data properly.

In summary, I don’t think vaccines deserve as much credit for disease eradication as they are given. I believe that the benefits of this pharmaceutical product is overblown while the risks are ignored and minimized. I am trying to view the whole picture and in my searching, I haven’t found anything that reassures me to the point of confidence in the vaccine program as the system surrounding it is corrupt and instead of producing science, legislators are moving to silence, control, and force. This does not reassure me or build my confidence in this product.

With this system, we are left with only 2 options. Trusting pharmaceutical companies and a very small group of biased members of the ACIP at the CDC to have our children’s best interest at heart, above their desire for profit and greed. Unfortunately, the evidence points to this being a naive and dangerous choice. The other option is to opt out. To choose a model of health for my children that focuses on a strong immune system, healthy living, and nutrition, sanitation, and quarantine (all more effective than vaccines, since 99% of disease reduction cannot be attributed to vaccines, and there are many infections that have been completely eradicated without a vaccine being manufactured for them at all–scarlet fever, for example). I believe this to be the safer option for my children. And after reading all the evidence listed above, even if you do not come to agree with me, I hope that you will respect my decision.

4 thoughts on “Why I Do Not Vaccinate My Children

  1. Thank you Beth for this list! This is very helpful! I’ve actually been wishing for a list like this myself! I have started studying but there is so much out there. A bulleted list like this is great!
    Much appreciated!


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