I don’t often talk about this subject because there is almost no way of doing so without coming across judgmental and harsh. I don’t want to alienate anyone and it’s a super tough subject, but in the interest of truth and facing the ugly facts head on, I must address this at least one time and then I will leave it alone. I want to debunk just two of the myths that are floating around and readily believed by most people and doctors.

Myth 1: It was only 2 abortions, done in the 1960’s.

There are two fetuses in circulation in vaccines now.

  1. MRC-5: “MRC-5 (Medical Research Council cell strain 5) is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 14 week old aborted Caucasian male fetus, aborted in 1966,”[1] and was aborted for “psychiatric reasons”. [2]
  2. WI-38: “WI-38 is a diploid human cell line composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 3-month-gestation aborted (in 1962) female fetus.” [3, 4]

Source for the above here.

What is not mentioned is how many abortions had to take place to obtain these two in circulation now.

We’re also forgetting the abortion that had to take place to collect the rubella virus in the first place. [5] And how many abortions had to take place to comb through the women exposed in that outbreak until they actually found a fetus that was positive for rubella. If you’re wondering how many, the answer is 27, which is why the fetal tissue ended up with the name Wistar RA 27/3 (Wistar Institute where these studies were performed, R-rubella A-abortus, 27-27th aborted fetus, 3-3rd tissue used from fetus). [6, 7, 8]

One study alone, done by Dr Plotkin (the maker of the rubella vaccine) sacrificed 76 babies to get their cultures. His admission under oath is available on youtube. [9] His entire 9 hour deposition is available as well, which I highly recommend everyone listening to, if you can stomach it. [10]

Abortions for vaccines (and other pharmaceutical products) are ongoing.

Walvax 2 is a 3 month aborted female fetus who was ultimately selected from 9 aborted babies and is proposed to replace the current cells in vaccines because they are wearing out and there is a concern for “tumerogenicity”. [11, 12] Walvax 2 was aborted using the “waterbag” method to ensure the baby was born alive to maintain viability of the organs. [13] And this was all published in 2015, not the 1960’s.

There are the leaked Planned Parenthood recordings. [14]

When Trump removed funding for fetal tissues last year, this quote appeared in an article going over the details, “And scientists around the country denounced the decision, saying that fetal tissue still was critically needed for research on HIV vaccines, treatments that harness the body’s immune system to battle cancer, and a list of other health threats…” [15]

Myth #2: Even if they used aborted fetal cells to make the vaccine, it doesn’t end up in the final product.

Even Paul Offit admits this is untrue, which is surprising to me. [16]

There’s this from the CDC vaccine exipient and media summary where John Hopkins put a list together of all the ingredients (besides the antigens) in each vaccine:

source: http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/components-Excipients.htm

If you look at package inserts for these vaccines containing fetal DNA, most of them still list “residual components” in the description section of the final product. [17]

The fact is, a virus cannot live without a host. To keep the virus alive, you need live tissue. Sometimes they use animals, sometimes they use human cell lines. Any honest scientist will admit that if a virus is grown on a cell line, the purification process is not good enough to get rid of 100% of that DNA. The FDA actually has a limit on how much is allowed to remain in the final product—“10 ng/dose”. [18]

One assumes that with an FDA limit, each batch and dose would be closely monitored and carefully reviewed but per the screenshot above, the package inserts aren’t even listing exact amounts. If “amount not specified” is good enough for the FDA I have my doubts on how well this is being regulated.

My doubts sink even lower as a report from a third party lab in Italy inspected the MMRV Priorix Tetra vaccine with the latest technology available, and the results were so problematic I have a hard time talking about it. From an entire male genome, to adventitious (contaminant) viruses—human endogenous retrovirus K, equine (horse) infectious anemia virus, avian (bird) leukosis virus, and HERV-H/env62, all of these exceeding the amount of the rubella virus, to chemical contaminants, most of which were unknown, the list of findings were anything but reassuring.

“The presence of fetal DNA was confirmed in large quantities: 1.7 ug on the first lot and 3.7 ug on the second lot, about 325 times higher than the maximum limit of 10 ng…”

“We have more precisely determined the size of the DNA fragments detected and it has been established that the DNA contained has a molecular weight of 20,000/60,000 bp. This basically means that there are no “fragments“ of DNA within this drug, i.e. degraded, but an intact genome, belonging to a male human being confirmed by the comparison between the fetal DNA of the vaccine and that of the cell line MRC-5 used for the production of the vaccine.” [19]

A detailed description of the genome found in the vaccine was published and it is very worrying, especially for mutagenicity (cancer), and autoimmunity, both of which are on the rise in children. [20]

Dr Theresa Deischer of Sound Choice Laboratories (a stem cell scientist and specialist in genetics) wrote a detailed report on these results with the potential problems with having human fetal DNA injected into our children. [21] She coauthored a study looking at the correlation between autism and the use of fetal DNA in vaccines, [22] and she has also written an open letter to legislators (in more easy-to-understand language) detailing her concerns. [23] This is an expert in her field, being very vocal about the potential problems, and she is being ignored across the board. Where is the “better safe than sorry” attitude we’re used to when it comes to the FDA and other government agencies who would micromanage everything we put into our bodies from vitamins and herbs to essential oils?

What I think is the most telling in all of this, though, is the response from the other side. There are a large amount of anonymous, AstroTurf blogs out there who have a 100% rate of “debunking” every “antivaxxer trope” and the smooth transition from the claim that vaccines absolutely do not contain aborted fetal DNA to the claim that this DNA is nothing to worry about and these stupid “antivaxxers” are just trying to scare you, was seamless. [24] This transition just happened in October of last year, right after the Corvelva report really started circulating social media, incidentally. I find it revealing of where we are as a society, when someone named Skeptical Raptor gets posted over and over on Facebook as we rationalize our stance, while the scientists, concerned parents, and actual scientific data/reports are largely ignored.

Disclaimer: what you decide is between you and God. I am not saying that you can’t be a Christian and vaccinate, or that you can’t be pro-life and vaccinate. There are many who do. I myself got the MMR just a few years ago in nursing school and never once looked into it, thought about it, or suffered any guilt. I didn’t know, of course, and once I did, I have changed my practices accordingly, but this is an issue where I’m not going to judge if you come to a conclusion I haven’t thought of and decide that vaccinating with these particular vaccines is worth the potential risk along with being at peace with it for yourself and your children. I’m not saying that everyone will reach the conclusions I have come to, and that is perfectly fine!

All I want is for your decision to be made based on facts. For it to be something you are fully informed about and that you have weighed the pros and cons thoroughly and are at peace with your decision. There is much misinformation on this topic and we must search out the truth and base our choices on that instead of what might sound convenient. I write this with all love and hope, praying that God will lead you as you make these choices for your children, regardless of what those choices end up being. ❤

***Editing this on October 2021 since we have more vaccines to look into as of late and there are also more topics popping up to discuss.

I will be discussing four of the covid vaccines. I’m grouping them in two categories because they are designed differently. First I will do the mRNA jabs, and then focus on the viral vector vaccines. I’m not going to get too deep in the weeds, but only focus on them as it relates to the topic of abortion.

mRNA (Moderna and Pfizer): these two vaccines were both tested on fetal cell lines in the manufacturing process. [25] Since even the media openly admits this, I’m not sure scientific studies are necessary, but some helpful person put this together along with all of the references, so click here for a chart that breaks it all down by vaccine type and name.

It’s very unlikely that any DNA would end up in the final product. As far as I understand it, they tested the spike protein on this fetal cell line—HEK-293, aborted in 1973–to see if they could successfully program human cells to recognize and reproduce the spike protein.

According to Moderna, they do not use these fetal cell lines as subsequent batches of mRNA are made, so if Pfizer works the same, it looks like this is a one time thing, in the beginning of the development process. [26]

Viral Vector (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson): the AZ virus (chimpanzee adenovirus [27]) is grown on the HEK-293 cell line, [28] and is also tested on the MRC-5 cell line in production, [29] while the J&J virus (recombinant human adenovirus adv-26 [30]) uses a cell line from the retinal (eye) tissue of a fetus called PER.C6 who was aborted in 1985. [31, 32] (we’re way past the 60s now, btw)

As I’ve already gone over above, whatever a virus is grown on is obviously very difficult to remove entirely. So until they announce some new technology that can take care of this problem, I’m going to assume there is fetal DNA in both of the viral vector vaccines. Remember that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Since it’s a fact that all of the vaccines to date grown on fetal cell lines contain the DNA in the final product, it would require extraordinary evidence to make a claim that these are suddenly achieving something that was heretofore impossible.

Incidentally, have you ever noticed that when they make the bold statement denying any baby pieces in your vaccines, it’s always “there is no fetal tissue in ANY of the covid 19 vaccines”. Sometimes they say “no fetal cells”. They never once say “there is no fetal DNA in any COVID 19 vaccine”. [33] I think there’s a reason for that. Their lie would be easier to refute.

The latest argument I’ve been seeing a lot of with this conversation is the fact that many drugs, some foods, and some cosmetics have also been tested on fetal cell lines. They never quite say it, but the main goal seems to be to point out some hypocrisy and then hope for silence. I just want to say that even if we are hypocritical, pointing that out doesn’t absolve anyone from taking responsibility for this knowledge if we are going to admit it’s a problem. What then is the solution? If indeed, these fetal cell lines are so ubiquitous in so many of the products we enjoy or benefit from, what should we do about it?

This blog takes an all-or-nothing approach and says if we have a problem with the mRNA vaccines being tested on fetal cell lines, we need to be prepared to kiss modern medicine goodbye completely. I find that illogical and ludicrous. Calling out hypocrisy (or possibly ignorance) is one thing. Trying to decide what other people should do with their lives in an effort to make them conform to what I think is consistent is simply manipulative and controlling.

And as we’ll see later, we’re once again basing arguments on twisted truths and outright lies. Making our decision based on available information is what the goal should be. Sharing only half the truth to make your argument valid ain’t it.

I am, however, grateful for the list provided. It’s the most thorough list I’ve come across so far and definitely the best referenced. I’ve looked at almost every study listed here and have yet to find a single one that was actually tested in the development of the drug. I’ve spent hours comparing dates and looking at why things were tested and every single one occurred after the drug was on the market and had no impact whatsoever on the composition or manufacturing of the drug. Most of the studies are in the early to late 2000s when most of these drugs were put on the market in the 90/“s and some of them date back to the 40s and 50s.

The only one I found that was tested in the same year as the drug was put on the market was remdesivir. I’m not worried about that one since I feel that anyone who has researched it would vehemently decline it. It’s useless for covid and causes kidney failure. Hashtag no thanks.

Hydroxychloroquine has been on the market since 1955 and wasn’t tested on a fetal cell line until 2016. Ivermectin was released in 1981 and tested in 2004.

*Monoclonal antibodies were tested on fetal cell lines in development. If we have ethical concerns about the mRNA vaccines because of the testing, then it is consistent to also refuse the antibodies.

The main thing I noticed in this long list of studies was that almost every single one occurred after 2000. We did so much less testing and “science” with fetal cells even as far back as the 90s. So if modern medicine is suddenly completely dependent on fetal cell lines to the point we have to turn our backs on it completely, why is that? How did we ever manage before the advent of using baby parts for the advancement of science? And how long do you think we’ll last before God removes his blessing from a system that is dependent on the sacrifice of innocent babies?

I happen to think his blessing has already been removed and I sometimes wonder if “modern medicine” isn’t killing as many people as it saves. If we count abortions, the scale gets tipped in an abysmal direction.

If you want a complete list of what is being tested on these fetal cell lines in development (including food, cosmetics, and vaccines), you will find a complete and updated list here.

Incidentally, please note the section of companies who have changed their policies to completely stop any connection with fetal cell lines. (If I were still a Pepsi fan, I would want to support them for their change in policy in 2012.)

This change was made because of boycotting. There are ethical options to all of this. They may make things more inconvenient, more expensive, less easy, but so often, the power lies with the consumer and if all we do is keep using the product because it’s the only option (what the Catholic Church advises with most childhood vaccines—they side with the mRNA ones for covid), what would possibly be an incentive to these companies and scientists to change this practice?

I don’t like the silencing of this topic. I see it from all directions. If your method of silencing is “what about this aspect? If you’re not talking about this, you should just stop talking about it altogether”, then I would argue that you’re not helping the situation any. Helpless silence isn’t how God wants us to react when we’re confronted with a problem. Talking about it is how things get started. So by all means, point out the hypocrisy. Tell us where all this is happening. Call us out where we’re participating in evil. But then let the call to holiness ring out! Let’s take a step back and stop judging each other long enough to figure out what GOD wants us to do in our own personal lives. Then we can go on from there. Encouraging each other, being merciful and gracious to each other, loving each other despite our differences and standing in peace and confidence, knowing we’re living how God wants us to. There’s nothing as great as that.

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