I feel a need to compile some evidence; put together the data I have accumulated into one place; to speak what I see and then forever hold my peace. This is going to be my last word on this subject, unless I am proven completely wrong and in that case, I promise to issue a formal apology. I am (as I’m sure many of you are) sick to death of this subject, and simply tired of having it thrust into my consciousness ad nauseum, but since it’s all most of us think about anyway, and since it is effecting all of us in one way or another, I figure it’s worth hashing out. I may add things here as changes continue to happen, but I will no longer engage in comment sections on social media, and I will no longer post about it. So there’s the good news, for those of you who are tired of hearing about this from me. 😛

(weeks later, edited to add: I have discovered this desire to be silent was not from God. There is too much truth and it is constantly evolving and being added to. I cannot be silent. I apologize for making this statement in the first place. I will continue to share prayerfully and humbly as God leads.)

I have many disclaimers and will sprinkle them throughout this post. The first one being I do not have any credentials that would make me an expert on this subject. So this post is opinion. Opinion backed up by science and data, but opinion nonetheless. I do not pretend to be an authority on any subject, and I want you to take everything I say with that in mind. This is educated opinion, nothing more.

Second Disclaimer: I am not attempting to share both sides of this issue. You have all heard the mainstream narrative. I do not agree with the mainstream narrative on this (or almost any) subject, so this will not be a popular opinion or “unbiased.” I am very clear on where I stand, and I make no apologies.

Third Disclaimer: I think the shut down starting in Italy was a somewhat reasonable (if not a little panicked) response given that we knew almost nothing about this virus, and no one was believing the numbers coming from China (for obvious reasons), and the models at the time predicted the death of millions.

But when the numbers in Italy became more forthcoming (and the shut down proved to have little or no impact), when the scientific data started rolling in, when the models were proven woefully incorrect, time and time again, the lock down has become stricter instead of being rolled back as it would be if our authorities were following the numbers instead of conjecture (or possibly their own agendas).

Disclaimer 4: I do not envy our authorities. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to make decisions like this and I do pray for them. But that does not make me turn a blind eye when they make decisions that are not based in science and when they put lives in danger and toy with our constitutional liberties for what seems to be a methodology that does not work.

Disclaimers aside, let’s ask some questions.

What death rate must a virus have in order to justify the shut down of a country?

What shall we compare this to? I know y’all are probably tired of this comparison, but the flu is simply the best comparison we have right now. If we were to compare it to other corona viruses or SARS viruses, people would complain because this is supposedly much more dangerous. And influenza has the added advantage of there being a vaccine in use to protect against it and at least 50% of the population gets the vaccine, higher percentages get it in the high risk groups (children from 6 months to 4 years–(67.8%) [1] and elderly people above the age of 65–(72%). [2] These percentages vary by year.

I think comparing coronavirus to influenza is fair. If anything it’s skewed towards making coronavirus look more dangerous. Especially since there is a vaccine for the flu, and we also have a treatment (tamiflu–it might not be super effective, but we use it by the bucket load, nonetheless). Even with all this going for it, the annual death rate of the flu is between 12,000 and 61,000 people dying every year. [3] Since this is not enough to shut down the economy, to yell at people to social distance for the sake of those who are more vulnerable, and not even enough to guilt trip or recommend quarantine to those who go out in public when they are obviously sick, I’m going to assume this is an acceptable death rate for a virus. It jumped up to 80,000 a few years ago. This makes the death rate from influenza 0.13%, most years, but it has been as high as 0.5%.

I go over how these estimates may not be accurate here, but even though these people may not be dying strictly from influenza, they are nonetheless dying from something, most likely a respiratory infection of some sort. This death rate is acceptable, insofar as we are not taking drastic measures to stop it.

Nobody wants people to die. But the fact is, thousands of people are going to die every year. Every day, for that matter, and so we have to come up with a number we’re comfortable allowing, because if we don’t do that, then we’ll have to shut down for the rest of our lives. It’s a harsh truth, but there are body bags being carried out of NYC every other day in every other year, and no one cared (except for the family members and friends of those people) because it wasn’t on the news. De algo nos vamos a morir.

So for these drastic measures to be taken, I assume the death rate for coronavirus (now that we’ve had time to establish it) would be much much higher than that, right? Let’s take Italy, where it is reportedly the worst case scenario, killing thousands upon thousands.

A full month after the shut down began in Italy, this is what the death rate looked like:

this picture was taken on March 26. It has gotten worse since then, which is only further proof that these extreme measures do not work in lowering the death rate. Especially when you’re locking up 3 generations in the same house, which is the case for a lot of the population there.

As you can see, the death rate is high as marked by that dark blue. But let’s compare that to another year…

Why didn’t we shut down in 2017 when this was happening?

With a death rate of 0.66% [4] if you look at the Lancet’s study of the Hubei province in China, or 0.37% [5] if you look at the study from Germany, which is 0.06% of the population, is that enough cause for a complete lock down?

Disclaimer 5: This virus is obviously dangerous in a small percentage of the population. It’s tough for the elderly and those with comorbidities to recover from this. But that amount of people is now indisputably less than one percent.

In every single real data model, coronavirus has been and will continue to kill as many (or less) people than influenza does every year. If these measures are necessary for this virus, then the truth is, we should be shutting down every year for the seasonal flu.

How is this virus transmitted?

The evidence is suggesting it is via droplet, not airborne. Which means, when someone sneezes or coughs the virus will be contained in the spray of saliva, but will quickly fall to the ground or whatever surface is nearby. Which is why hand hygiene definitely is important. It’s also why using a mask (unless you’re actually close to someone or in a crowd) is unnecessary. And given that breathing in your own CO2 constantly is not a healthy practice, I don’t advise it at all unless you’re around someone who is symptomatically ill.

“An important CDC study [6] tracked 445 close contacts of 10 patients who had confirmed SARS-CoV-2 in the United States. “Nineteen (4%) of the 445 contacts were members of a patient’s household, and five of these 19 contacts continued to have household exposure to the patient with confirmed COVID-19 during the patient’s isolation period; 104 (23%) were community members who spent at least 10 minutes within 6 feet of a patient with confirmed disease; 100 (22%) were community members who were exposed to a patient in a health care setting; and 222 (50%) were health care personnel.” During the 14-day active monitoring period, only 2 of the 445 contacts tested positive for SARS-CoV-2; these two individuals were household members. This yields a household attack rate of 10.5% [2 out of 19 people in the household contracted it], and a total attack rate of 0.45% [2 out of 445 close contacts contracted it]. The 5 household members who had continuous exposure to the patient during isolation did not test positive for the virus.” -quote from this article

Given this very reassuring study, how do we justify the closing of state parks? Of playgrounds? Why is the outdoors more or less off limits? It’s a known fact that time outside improves mental and physical health. Shouldn’t we be trying to be as healthy as possible right now? And yet, you will be fined for jogging alone in Chicago. People are being arrested all over the place even when they follow common sense social distancing. A surfer was arrested for being out in the ocean alone. Who was he endangering? How was he going to catch the virus himself? Were the fish going to pass it to him? These insane measures are not supported by science or by any rational thought!

Can we trust the numbers?

I have a facebook post where I reposted Candace Owens and her live about the 6 week old whose death was “linked to” coronavirus. The truth is, this baby’s death was a tragic accident at home, the cause of death was obvious, and for some odd reason the baby was tested for Covid-19. When the test came back positive, the news took off with the narrative that it was caused by the virus. The parents are appalled that their child’s death is being used to further an agenda of fear. Under that post, in the comment section, I keep adding to the pile of evidence of the media using dishonest methods to incite fear. There’s an 11 year old in Georgia whose death was reported as caused by coronavirus “by mistake.” [7] CBS “accidentally” used footage from Italy to display how bad off the hospitals in New York were doing. [8] A mother saw her own family photo used in a facebook ad that claimed the entire family had died from coronavirus. [9]

When Italy went back over its numbers, they found that only 12% of the deaths with coronavirus were actually caused by coronavirus. [10]

The fact that funding is on an “as needed” basis and that confirmed diagnosis isn’t even required [11] on top of the CDC itself telling doctors to code patients as Covid-19 deaths even if the diagnosis is only “likely” or “probable” and then follows that advice with saying, “It is not likely that NCHS will follow up on these cases” [12] makes me feel that only the highest level of integrity and honesty would keep hospitals from labeling deaths under that category with such an incentive within reach. Is it a conspiracy theory to say that including this statement is giving doctors permission to “fluff up” the death numbers without any accountability? Or is it simply common sense and being able to connect the incriminating dots?

we should probably keep track of what other causes of death do this year
compared to other years as well.

Do these measures work?

Of course, this is the first time in history such drastic measures have taken place, but there are plenty of stories of quarantine occurring as far back as the 1800s starting with the small town of Leicester in England demonstrating the absolute efficacy of sanitation and quarantine in the very rapid stopping of smallpox in its tracks. Read my fan-girl commentary of this method here. I’m a huge proponent of quarantine. I’m so in favor of it, that I keep my children home when they are starting a runny nose. I want to be sure that what they have is just a cold. Once I’m sure, I will carry on with usual precautions (because even a cold is dangerous to some people) but will cautiously take them among healthy people. I probably wouldn’t take them to the house of a newborn or to visit the elderly. If they have a fever, we’re staying home period. As far as I know, I’m a little alone in this practice, and some might think me extreme. But I take this responsibility seriously, and the more I learn, the more I think children who aren’t feeling healthy shouldn’t be out and about anyway. It’s their body’s way of asking for rest and quiet sometimes, and I like to respect that request.

But let’s be very clear. Quarantine is an isolation method for someone who is sick. Or at the very least, someone who has been exposed or thinks they may have been exposed. Isolating healthy people is not this. That’s called house arrest. It’s an important distinction. There is no scientific evidence, recently or in all of history, that it helps one iota to shut down the entire economy, schools, small businesses, etc, in the efforts to stop a virus. The main goal of this was to slow the spread anyway. “Flattening the curve” does not promise less cases. It promises to drag it out for longer. I can understand this to save hospital beds and not to overwhelm the healthcare system. But when thousands of nurses and healthcare workers are being laid off all across the US, I think it’s honest to say we are now experiencing the opposite problem except for some very specific areas. [13] And even in those specific areas, like NYC, medical staff in hospitals are making tik tok videos, dancing together like they have all the extra time in the world, lay people are videoing empty hospitals and posting them online, and the ships docking to help out in this crisis aren’t really getting that many patients. So I’m not actually convinced our healthcare system is incapable of handling this epidemic if people were allowed to go back to work.

Dr Zubin Damania has an excellent take on flattening the curve. I never thought I would so fully agree with so much of what he’s saying, but he drops so many truth bombs in this video, I just have to include it.

If you compare places like Sweden [14] and Japan [15] (who are not locking down), their numbers are no worse (and actually much better) than the places near to them that are shutting everything down. I will need a lot more proof to be convinced that this extreme insanity does any good whatsoever.

***Update on Sweden just published today: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-19/sweden-says-controversial-covid-19-strategy-is-proving-effective

Disclaimer 6: I am not referencing everything. I made several statements in the above 2 paragraphs that I haven’t sourced. If you don’t trust my honesty, feel free to search these out and look things up for yourself. A little digging never hurt anyone, hehe. I specifically left out the tik tok video because I find it so embarrassing I haven’t been able to watch it all the way through yet. Ashley Everly has it on her facebook account if you want to watch it for yourself. Matt Walsh also covers it.

Does this lock down effect only the economy?

Mainstream media sources love talking about this as if it’s a small inconvenience. A short amount of time, sitting at home on your couch, for the greater good. It’s actually considered unAmerican to question this narrative. To point out that this discussion is not about saving lives versus saving a little money. It’s your moral duty to #stayhome and #savealife.

(Does anyone else find it ironic that this is the same marketing ploy they use to encourage people to get the flu shot? Despite the fact that getting the shot makes you 4 times more likely to get a noninfluenza respiratory illness (including coronaviruses by the way), 6 times more contagious if you’re vaccinated two years in a row and still get the flu (because the shot doesn’t always work–the highest years are a mere 40% chance it’ll protect you)? So more likely to get sick from something else, and if it fails, you’re more contagious than if you hadn’t been vaccinated, and on top of that, the rest of the marketing line is that it will make your symptoms less severe if it does end up failing you. Hold up. You mean I won’t be as sick if I get the vaccine? Doesn’t that mean I for sure won’t be quarantining myself when I end up getting sick? Y’all. Use those brain cells. Look at the evidence. Does that obvious marketing tactic not spell it out for you? Just in case it’s not clear, let me help. They do. Not. Care. About the Vulnerable. Periodt.) (references for this paragraph in my influenza post, linked above)

The truth is, shutting down the economy has far reaching consequences that we will not realize until it’s all too late. I have no expectation of them ever admitting they were wrong in doing this, but mark my words. This is a balance of lives versus lives. People will die, and they are already dying. Did you know that unemployment increases your chances of dying by 63%? [16] Economists call it “deaths of despair” and it includes an increased risk of cardiovascular death, suicide, homicide, cirrhosis of the liver (probably caused by alcohol abuse), etc. [17] I’ve already seen 2 children in Texas being reported to have died from abuse related to “stress from coronavirus”. You can chalk that up to the media and all of the hype because it wasn’t caused by the virus itself. My newsfeed on facebook alone is showing local news sources literally reporting suicides and homicides because of the lock down. With the mental health of this nation where it’s at, and just judging my own stress and anxiety (it really does take a lot to make me anxious) from all of this, I cannot imagine what it’s like for people who are stuck at home with children they don’t like, with nothing to do for weeks on end, and no hope to be found because they don’t have Jesus or the same support structure I’m blessed with. To me, it is only a minor inconvenience when it’s all said and done. But that is not true for everyone. Not by a very very long shot.

22 million people have already filed for unemployment and that doesn’t count those who are only temporarily out of work and hoping to return when the time comes. [18]

Let’s pretend for a second that this shut down is scientifically proven to save lives. Let’s say we save that less than 1% of the elderly population who is at risk. Does saving them justify killing hundreds of thousands of children? The virus doesn’t target children. But the shut down does.

Meanwhile, MSM is talking about keeping us locked down until 2022 or at least until we have a vaccine [19] and the NY Times (along with the WHO) is trying to sell you the idea that having had coronavirus and being fully recovered isn’t proof that you’re immune. [20] So big question: if we’re supposed to stay home until we have a vaccine, and if antibodies no longer indicate immunity (at least where this virus is concerned, according to the WHO), how on earth are they going to make a vaccine that works? Does that mean we’ll be social distancing FOREVER? Because that’s what it sounds like to me.

Did you know they’ve been trying to make a SARS vaccine for decades now with little to no success? The animal studies for the last one showed that even though the vaccine produced antibodies, when the animals were challenged with the virus, it made them “allergic” (my interpretation of what the study says–read and decide for yourself) to it and produced a response much worse than contracting it naturally. [21] There have been many public admissions from many scientists admitting that this is a very difficult vaccine to create, and there are even warnings from the likes of Paul Offit and Peter Hotez about rushing the science on this (that should tell us something about the dangers if nothing else does).

And rush we shall. We’re skipping animal trials entirely, [22] “clinical trials” with as little as 45 subjects, [23] and no placebo control group, of course. [24] But none of us are surprised at that last one. Business as usual. 🙂

If you want to stay locked up until 2022 or until this vaccine is on the market (if it’s ever on the market), be my guest, but I’m looking for better solutions.

And lastly, are we treating this virus as well as we might?

Despite doctors from all around the world, stating that they see a 5-12 hour improvement (some say “turn around”) in patients by using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin or zinc in 100% of the patients they treat if they are caught soon enough, the media launched an all out attack on what they called “the malaria medication recommended by Trump” and acted as though the safety profile of this medication is unknown despite it having been on the market for over 70 years now, and people popping these pills like candy anytime they go to Africa even if they haven’t been stung by a malaria carrying mosquito. They broke headlines like “Man Dead From Taking Chloroquine Product After Trump Touts Drug for Coronavirus” and then you read the article and find it wasn’t even the same drug, but some sort of cleaner for fish tanks that has a similar name. A death from stupidity if ever there was one, but how can we logically blame the medication (which wasn’t involved) or Trump (who never told anyone to take anything outside of a Dr’s orders, much less when you’re not even sick to begin with)? And yet, that is exactly what the title of this article does, knowing that most people never even read articles to find the truth, but take a title and run with it. There were at least 10 different news sites who did titles similar to this and the exact same story.

Now why would they do that? Why would the media go after a drug? Is it just because they hate Trump? Possibly. Or is it because they don’t want to publish a treatment, or a cure?

Add to this the complicity of Anthony Fauci who works at the NIH since the 1980s but was either ignorant of or is deliberately hiding the fact that the NIH funded a study looking at hydrochloroquine and its effect on SARS coronavirus back in 2005. The conclusion states, “Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection.” [25] Everyone pretends that study doesn’t even exist, and then the NIH waits until April 9th ( months after people have been dying of this virus worldwide) to start a clinical trial looking at efficacy. [26]

Vitamin C trials in China get no media airtime at all. Doctors healing 100% of their mostly-over-60 year old population with a combination of vitamin c, d, a, and iodine aren’t heard of at all. [27] If this thing can be cured with such things as vitamins and supplements, it’s no wonder no one wants to draw attention to this fact. It might be embarrassing to allopathic medicine where people are dying at higher rates despite the best western medicine has to offer, and it for sure doesn’t further the fear tactics.

The fact that ventilators might actually be adding to the death toll is completely ignored and even silenced despite a Dr in New York going public with his findings. He was demoted away from the Covid-19 unit in his hospital for his trouble. Please watch his interview on webmd here. When 80% of coronavirus patients are dying after being put on ventilators compared to a 40-50% death rate with other respiratory infections, it certainly deserves another look, and this should be everywhere to make doctors aware and save lives. But is it?

The continued mantra to social distance, wash your hands, and sanitize everything in sight, without mentioning any of the ways to build up your immune system, protect yourself with actual health, and the best way to treat this at home so you don’t have to be hospitalized, seems a huge hole in the narrative we’re being presented with. If this virus doesn’t point out the dangers of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions effected very largely by our daily choices, I don’t know what does. There is much we could learn from this.

Dr Shiva has a protocol he recommended to President Trump in an open letter, and it’s worth a read if you’re looking for natural means to build up your immune system and possible treatment options. [28]

In conclusion: this virus isn’t that bad. But even if it were, closing down the economy and killing even more people isn’t the right way to go about this. And that’s that.

(was planning to add edits here but the amount of evidence keeps piling up so I have made a Part 2 you can read here)

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4 thoughts on “Coronagate

  1. Appreciate your time in researching this matter. You bring up very good points. Lots to question about how this was handled and the “medical experts” advice. I think a lot of it has to do with money and hating Trump. The big drug labs don’t want to use a cheap drug already in existence. They want to “develop” a drug (which costs billions) so they can get a patent and charge a fortune for it. This gets to be an inroad to political fighting and bashing to gain control. Sad state of affairs. America needs to get back to work. Take reasonable precautions and move on. This too shall pass and God still is in control. We can’t let the media scare us into relinquishing our liberties just for “supposed” safety.

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  2. Kudos to you for the time and effort that you put into this! America needs to wake up before it’s too late!


  3. Thank you so much for all your stellar research on your post! I live in Illinois with a corrupt Democratic governor. We will now remain shut down through May 30, 2020, and I believe he will extend it beyond then. He states ALL of us are MANDATED to wear a mask at all times when we are in public, beginning May 1, 2020! So many sheeple in this state are still “drinking the Koolaid!”

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